Britain basks in hot weather

16 July 2014: The Met Office have predicated a wave of hot weather to appear this week and much of the UK will be basking in warm weather.

With so many people across the country getting ready to enjoy the heat and sun this week, the experts from the Natural Hydration Council would like to issue an alert about one of the most important ways to care for your health during hot weather: staying hydrated.

Consultant to the Natural Hydration Council – Dr Emma Derbyshire PhD, RNutr. Nutrition Consultant says:

“We are at the greatest risk of dehydration when we are too hot or too dry, have limited access to water, or need more water than usual – such as in warm or dry environments. With the hot temperatures forecast this week, you should consume water at regular intervals throughout the day and evening, taking care to limit exposure to the hot sun, especially in the middle of the day. If in doubt, the latest NHS guidelines suggest 6-8 glasses of water a day for the average person.”

10 top tips for healthy hydration

1. Make sure you always have access to water, even when out and about.

2. Bottled water is handy when you are at work or on the move.

3. Drink an amount of fluid that is right for you.

4. Drink water at regular intervals throughout the day.

5. Quench your thirst with water first before going on to enjoy other beverages such as tea, coffee, squash and fruit juices.

6. Remember that water-containing foods can contribute to your daily fluid intake, for example yoghurt, soups, stews, fruit and vegetables.

7. Alcohol is dehydrating and should be balanced with plenty of non-alcoholic fluids, such as water. Avoid binge drinking.

8. Excessive amounts of caffeine can also be dehydrating.

9. Remember to drink more when you exercise or spend time in hot environments.

10. Young children and older people can dehydrate quickly so offer them drinks on a regular basis.