Technical and Regulatory Support for Bottled Water Producers

The Natural Hydration Council (NHC) is pleased to announce the formation of its Technical Working Group. Chaired by Jacques Obringer, Danone UK’s former Scientific and Regulatory Affairs Director, the group includes experts from Danone Waters, Highland Spring Group, Nestlé Waters, Ty Nant, Harrogate Water Brands and Wenlock Spring. The new Working Group will address technical and regulatory issues that affect bottled water producers in the UK.

The group will also support the NHC Communications Group’s activities by ensuring the facts related to the quality of naturally sourced waters are communicated effectively. The NHC has recently produced a PET Plastic Water Bottles fact sheet to help address some of the myths around bottled water that often get reported in the press.

The group will work closely with key stakeholders in the UK, as well as in Europe through the NHC’s membership of EFBW. NHC members will be kept informed on all the latest regulations and legislations related to bottled water, and where necessary they will form industry positions.

Speaking about the creation of the new Working Group, Obringer said: “This is an important milestone for the NHC. We have noticed a rise in technical and regulatory issues in the UK, and we are delighted to have this offering for our members.”

Obringer is also of Chair the NHC’s Scientific Panel and was a former Board member before retiring from his role at Danone UK. He has been key in helping the NHC challenge issues and develop statements in response to information misleading consumers about bottled water or denigrating the industry.